Thermodynamic Heat Pump Air Exchanger

In emergency situations and confined places, pollutant levels, condensation and moisture problems are at the front stage. ThermalAir exchanger is a high efficiency heat pump air exchanger that increases the air quality of any structure and solves filtration, purification, moisture and fresh air make-up issues. ThermalAir increases comfort level and decreases energy consumption.

ThermalAir is a programmable air exchanger which saves energy and dehumidifies the air. We would like to say that it keeps the heat indoors in cold climate and retains the cool inside in summer but this would be an understatement because ThermalAir is more than 100% efficient. ThermalAir will extract  9,958 btu's of heat from the outdoors in winter and blow the warm fresh air indoors. Conversely, in the summer it will blow 6,284 btu of cool fresh air indoors. ThermalAir is supper efficient at 390% in heating mode and 710% cooling mode, this means for example, for every watt required in cooling mode to run, ThermalAir returns 7.1 watt of cooling output. Now that's green and bonus: it provides 15,600 cubic feet of fresh oxygenated air per hour!


Job Schedule Total BTUh Input Watts Sensible BTUh BTU Heat of ABS/Rej EER / COP
Cooling 6,284 879 6,284 9,284 7.1
Heating 9,958 749     3.9
Electric Data Blower Compressor
Voltage Phase / Hz Watts FLA RLA LRA
120 1 / 60 75 (2x) 0.7 (2x) 8 36
Max Fuse 15          
Blower Performance   Installed Weight
Ext Static Pressure I.W.G     LBS 130
CFM 260   KG 68.04
Dimensions: 38' X 15" X 13"    

Listed cETLus

Static pressure indoor/outdoors: neutral

Make-up Air: 15.600 cu.ft./hr

1 year components - 5 year refrigeration pack warranty

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